Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There's no stopping a Lena Fay

Yesterday was dear Steven Fay's last night in town.  One of the many last nights in town he has.  So of course it made complete sense to go to the Philosopher's Club and chat about nothing and drink heavily.  During this experience my sister showed up but failed to witness my three shots of Fernet with the bartender.  This morning she told me "I should have told you not to order another drink, you were crazy!" A little to late there sis.  But there is no stopping a Lena Fay.  When the crazy smile starts and I'm in love with a wall, good luck!  All my friends continued to say "Don't worry Leenz, your class isn't until 4pm!" Thank God I didn't convince some random guy to play megatouch with me.

To top it all off I missed the Price is Right today, a staple in my morning ritual. And I have an oral presentation at San Francisco State about students with multiple disabilities and communication and mobility devices.  And I'm rocking a Micky's 40 hoodie with old man shoe slippers and glasses once again. There may be a reason I've been single for a year now.  But, I introduced an Italian to 7 layer bean dip. Universe restored!
It is a cool hoodie

How is an Italian's mind blown one may ask?  just like this....

refried beans
onions (diced)
sour cream
avocado (lightly salted and diced)
grated cheese (grate it yourself, way better)
in some kind of platter/bowl

and a Negra Modelo with lime (you don't have to layer that).

An Italian (my brother)                                An American (my sister)

Both enjoy seven layer bean dip and look amazing in the morning.
My favorite part of explaining such a trailer trash dish to an Italian was letting him know you don't need a fork.  You chip this stuff!


  1. The line about loving a wall is golden. Do you remember me touching your boob? It was Vita's fault.

  2. Ha, no. But at this point I kind of consider my "B's" public property.

  3. How'd that go, with yo'sis showing up? All that talk at the beach...the same room...I AM DYING TO KNOW.
    I love Fernet.