Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh gosh, not cooking just living.

My parents are a tad on the crazy side.  I have been told drinking a "few" beers every night is normal by them.  I have been told to take Lexapro to be happy by them.  I have been told to take whatever is stronger than Vicodin by them.  And, day after day, Lena Fay says no, (well not about the beer).  And day after day, my Mom and Dad are better than your Mom and Dad. They kind of say the shit that your parents would never say.

I have some type of free-be card with these guys.  It doesn't really matter about my outrageous adventures.  Kissing a few Italians, hoping a few planes to Europe for a good time or two, or seven. It simply doesn’t matter.  The craziness in them has given me love, and my ability to cook.  My Father taught me the best red sauce of my life when I was 13 years old and you need to learn it.  It's so simple and honors its ingredients.  He taught me while drinking Scotch.  I remember the smell of Scotch and Pasta to this day.  


3 clove garlic
½ red onion
1/2cup red wine
3 Tp olive oil
2 cups crushed tomatoes (or canned tomatoes)
Fresh basil, (at the end)

Here it goes:

Heat onion in oil for 10 mins or less (med heat)
Heat garlic in oil for 2 mins (med heat)
Deglaze for ½ a min. with red wine (high heat)
Add Tomatoes
drink some of the wine
Chuck in basil (at the end)
Oh, the boyfriends keep coming back for this one and this thing is Vegan.  

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  1. Your cooking makes me come back for more! And the fact you are hysterical. I think about your stuffed mushrooms and fried eggplant everyday. Okay, at least once a week! <3